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The European Leonardo programme, has provided funding for a pilot project on electronic learning material for Civil Servants on E-Government: TRIAS Telematica. This project aims at the development of modular electronic learning material for civil servants, using the expertise of a consortium of leading companies in the field of eGovernment.

The creation of one administrative Europe is realised primarily by the National eGovernment programmes. National, Regional and Urban government agencies struggle with interoperability, standardisation, collaboration, service integration and ICT. Universities have responded to this need by adding law topics to MBA programmes and by teaching additional ICT courses to policy makers. This is not enough to understand the real issues behind international collaboration, enforcement, back office integration, technologies like RDF, XML, OWL and e-service engineering. At the eEurope subgroup meeting of the 25 European leaders of National eGovernment, organised by The Information Society unit on eGovernment and the Dutch Ministry of internal affairs and facilitated by Zenc, it was acknowledge that this is the wrong approach to eGovernment in Europe. The agreements made on new services in the area of Tax interoperability, Spatial planning standards, institutes of foreign affairs and best practices in urban management should lead to new vocational training programmes in eGovernment. eEurope cannot be a digitalized version of the existing local procedures. The traditional Civil Servant has to evolve into the auditor of electronic processes. The Trias Telematica consortium represents a strong mix of academic frontiers, hands on consulting and European regional variety to set the standard for pan european (life long) learning for civil servants. We aim at a test for a full summer course programme in 2007

The project is now half way and it is in the process of creating the Eurpean eGovernment Wiki, The European eGovernment game and a set of domain related modules. information can be obtained from Rob Peters, rpeters@lri.jur.uva.nl or rob@zenc.nl

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Next MasterClass planned august 2008 in Austria

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TRIAS Telematica awarded best practice on e-Learning in Europe

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Trias MasterClass

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Second project meeting succesfull!

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presentation at Sofia

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WP 3 training plan and module requirements

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TRIAS Telematica in full swing

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